Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monte Negro, Django James and the Midnight Squires and Haim

I went to the Key Club last night for their free indie night type show that they do on Tuesdays. I wanted to see Monte Negro because I thought the way they blend English with Spanish and dancy type music might be fun to see live.

They were the headliners that night and they were pretty good, but I didn't like the singer's stage persona...he seemed like he was trying too hard and half of the time I didn't understand what he was saying in between songs.


Their live show is pretty good though, and besides, the cute drummer and bass guitarist more than make up for any annoying frontmen. :)


They did a cover of Soda Stereo's "Musica Ligera" and my Soda Stereo obsessed BF was very much indignant that they even dared to cover such a song. The look on his face when the first chord rang out and the face that accompanied the "Oh my god, he doesn't even know the right words!" were funny to watch.

We were both really impressed with the second band that played that night. They're called Django James and the Midnight Squires. I really wasn't expecting them to be good, but they came out and this little kid with crazy hair, a green jacket and sparkly green makeup across his face came out and started singing right away. The song started off mellow with the singer belting out the words and the keyboardist and both guitarists singing these awesome background "ohh" type things. Their sound is very unique and the lyrics are not your typical lyrics.


The singer who goes by the name of Django James (formerly Johnny vox) has an awesome voice and a cute London accent. I don't think I have a particularly wide music repertoire, but I would say his singing voice reminded me a bit of Freddy Mercury. And the kid can dance! Haha. So I've been snooping around their myspace/personal myspaces and it appears they are a VERY new band, like 2 months old! Plus, they are all young, the singer especially. But if this band manages to stay together I think they will be very big. Check out their youtube videos, I unfortunately didn't get any pictures or videos of them. Check out their myspace too, if you don't like them upon first listening try again! ha, that's just how much I was impressed by them. Oh! and the singer was getting over a sore throat to top it off and he still sang great! He was coughing between songs!

I feel I should mention the first opening band just to be fair. They were called Haim and the three singers/guitarists are all sisters. The have a keyboardist and drummer as well, don't think they're related. They had a lot of family members there, it was cute. They weren't bad, their voices were impressive and they really get into the show, but a few of their songs had a tendency to drag on a bit.

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